How and where to give percorten-V shots on Addison’s dogs

You can give Percorten-V shots to Addison;s dogs at home. If you’ve never given a dog a shot before, ask your veterinarian to show you how to do it. This is especially important with Percorten-V, because accidental injection into a vein can cause collapse and shock (if you do inject accidentally into a vein, your dog should be taken to a vet immediately for life saving IV fluids and steroids).

There are two ways to inject Addison’s dogs with Percorten-V: into the muscle (intramuscular or IM)and under the skin (subcutaneous). At home, subcutaneous injections are much simpler and easier. Percorten’s manufacturer recommends that injections are best given intramuscularly. However, according to Novartis animal health, it’s also acceptable to give the medicine subcutaneously. It’s your choice.

Subcutaneous injection procedure:

  1. Shake the vial of Percorten-V thoroughly.
  2. At the scruff of the neck, grasp the skin with your thumb, index and middle fingers. Pull the skin up into a tent.
  3. Inject the needle into the skin. Gently push the entire needle in. This should be a quick motion–do not go slowly as it might cause your dog to experience pain.
  4. Push the plunger to inject the Percorten-V, then remove the needle.

Intramuscular injection procedure:

The Cold river veterinary site has a great how-to guide on giving your dog intramuscular injections, including step-by-step shots. You can find the full article here.

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    1. admin

      You should be able to purchase the needles at the same place you purchase the Percorten from.

  1. Vicky Fulk

    I lost my beloved ‘Muffin’ recently from complications due to Addisons. I have some Percorten left that I had just purchased to give to Muffin. Is there anyone out there that might want to negotiate a reduced price to purchase what I have left (which is at least seven – .5ml doses. I initially paid over $200.00 for this vial of medicine. It has an expiration date of 07/12. I would like to recoup alittle of that cost back if possible.
    Email me at if interested. Thanks.

  2. lyndal

    I asked my pharmacist/chemist to make it up. I payed $50 a bottle at the vet and $12 at the chemist. Hope this helps.

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